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Unlock the power of knowledge within your business

Information is the life blood of business. It should be easy to access and kept up-to-date, so staff can do their jobs efficiently and productively.

There has been a rise of the business consumer within the workplace, who expect exactly that but existing solutions on the market fail to meet their needs. This is why we have designed a better way.
Welcome Tenjin.


Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021:

Total experience

See why Gartner recommend IT leaders create and sustain a total experience strategy across the organisation to drive digital transformation.


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Chatbots fail to meet business needs. Virtual assistants will power future workforce.

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Wouldn’t it be great if communicating in the workplace was more like our personal lives?

Imagine you could search for business information as you do on Google, access business services as we buy products on Amazon and even chat to one another as we do on WhatsApp! Tenjin makes this a reality.

See for yourself…

Gartner research shows…

Business Consumers tend to make consumer-like choices when navigating the enterprise computing environment, including a willingness for self-service.

Gartner Research: “Design IT Self-service for the Business Consumer”, Chris Matchett, March 2019

We have a long history of developing relationship-led technology and have operated as an independent software vendor for over 20 years!
We are perfectly placed to address the challenges emerging business consumers experience today.

Just a few of our happy customers…

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See the Benefits

Tenjin improves the flow of information within your business by bringing together knowledge, automation and intelligence into a single easy-to-use platform. Let us help you increase productivity and reduce IT service costs today.

The Tenjin experience

Tenjin centralises

Tenjin centralises all business information into a single source where all questions can be answered.

Tenjin liberates

Tenjin liberates employees and customers by pulling knowledge into a single, conversational platform, where information is served up instantly.

Tenjin integrates

Tenjin integrates your existing chat and collaboration tools (e.g. website and Microsoft Teams) to create a seamless user experience. Collaboration platforms, automation, ITSM – Tenjin will help you maximise on existing business investments.


Gartner research shows…

The average cost
to IT help desks is

…many of which are avoidable!

*3 Simple Ways IT Service Desks Should Handle Incidents and Requests, 05/08/19, Chris Matchett (Sr. Dir. Analyst)

We’ve helped our customers eliminate this cost completely whilst drastically increasing employee experience and productivity.


Knowledge is the heart of your business but accessing it isn’t always easy! Forrester research* shows that different departments set up their own best practice leading to automation sprawl. Employees are forced to island-hop disparate sources in the hope of finding what they need.

*Architect Your Automation Strike Teams To Accelerate Transformation”, October 2019

Intelligent Self-Service

Many businesses turn to mega-vendors for chatbot tools that upskill internal resources. These vendors will have you believe that this is a one-time task. The reality is that chatbot performance will rapidly degrade over time unless ongoing, resource heavy operations are in place. Intelligently automate your business interactions with Tenjin.

Tenjin Logo

Create Virtual Assistants
in a couple of clicks

The Tenjin approach is different. Our targeted Virtual Assistants can be deployed within minutes and without the need for expensive infrastructure re-investment. Built with multi-tenancy in mind, Tenjin lets you tackle bottlenecks head-on to reap the rewards of free-flowing information and automated task delivery.

1 simple change. 1,000s of positive outcomes.

  • Empower your employees and improve productivity

  • Quickly align Virtual Assistants with business demand

  • Improve the flow of information

Choose your path

See how Tenjin fits with your business requirements and helps create a better workplace.
  • Plugin your existing knowledge bases and benefit from a management tool like no other

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  • Bespoke knowledge bases and skillsets for Service Provider with everything thrown in

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  • See how Tenjin can help with the flow of information in your school

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  • Pre-populated Virtual Assistants with a broad knowledge base and skillsets

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See how easy it is to deploy Virtual Assistants. Watch demo videos here

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See how Tenjin can improve the flow of information in your business

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