» Establish your IT Service Marketplace and standardise
» Provides service transparency and interdependencies
» Utilise the service lifecycle management platform
» Move on from Excel and Word to on-line
» Upgrade when you’re ready
» Ease of use with Service Catalog templates


Enabling ITaaS for Service Providers


Accelerate the launch ITaaS with Biomni’s IT Service Portal

Veritas NetBackup

Take Veritas NetBackup to the next level of protection across cloud, virtual & physical environments.


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Solutions for Cloud

Cloud and Virtualisation has brought huge benefits to IT and the business consumer, both enjoying gains in agility and productivity. New environments and applications can be made available in minutes rather than days and weeks and customers can ‘pick and choose’ from an array of Cloud and Virtualisation solution providers and technologies.


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Enterprise Apps

Make Enterprise Apps as easy as iTunes or Google





Take customer interactions to new highs through self-service & automation.

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Front Office Solutions

Find out how Front Office can help solve your IT self-service & provisioning challenges.

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What is Front Office?

Empower IT users and reap the productivity gains in your business.

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“Where do you start, with a blank page or with Service Catalog templates?”

“What IT services do we offer to the business?” 

“Who do I need to involve?”

“I get it but how do I ‘sell’ the vision internally?”

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