Employee Self-Service is now the norm

Simplified user experience and the feeling of empowerment are the two primary reasons that have driven this mass adoption within the consumers. So, we all know how easy self-service can be so why are so many enterprises still struggling to implement similar initiatives within Enterprise IT and realise the same benefits with Private Cloud or corporate applications?

Although the majority ITSM software suites, app store products and Cloud Management Platforms offer their own take on self-service, very few manage to encapsulate the simplicity and richness of the consumer app stores that we all now love (and can’t live without).

Now, couple this with Enterprise IT’s need to deliver IT to the business quicker, cheaper and more efficiently. Enterprise IT are juggling traditional corporate applications (like ERP), cloud environments, mobility, and BYOD; all of which need to be delivered as a Service and in a consistent manner… you can start to appreciate why Enterprise IT is not on-par with Apple’s iTunes.

Service Catalog+ App Store = IT Service App Store!

Here at Biomni we saw the above common challenge as a trend and decided to tackle it head on. As a leading innovator of IT Service Catalog software we felt we had the solid foundations to build the new generation self-service portal.

Take the good from ITIL (and drop the bad)

In the consumer app store world, when it comes to self-service of apps the only form of compliance and governance is usually a simple password or biometric thumbprint. This obviously isn’t enough in the Enterprise world so we bring the vital layer of rigor to self-service through compliance, governance, approval workflow.

2-click access to corporate apps but sometimes you need more

One thing that consumer app stores do very well is extremely quick access to apps/software, usually within 2-clicks. This is very relevant in the Enterprise world, and we certainly cater for this within Front Office, however sometimes you need more. Biomni’s Front Office solution suite includes a visual, drag n drop, form designer that enables you to capture information from IT users. Forms can be simple or complex, either way you can easily surface a business form into a self-service process with ease.

Unify the self-service for unrivaled simplicity

In terms of simplicity, consumer app stores come into their own when the consumer is loyal to a single platform or vendor. For example, you download a book from iBooks and it’s universally available on your iPhone, iPad and Mac – perfection. However when you have a mix of devices, an Android phone, an iPad and a Windows laptop, multiple app stores and user experiences replace this single, ubiquitous experience.

Front Office enables you to federate different app stores, portals, services, accounts, resources, bringing everything into the same user experience and transparency. This also applies to public cloud and federating public cloud platforms. An employee can consume AWS or Rackspace resources through IT Service App Store and automatically assign the cost to a specific project or cost center, instead of having to manually reconcile the invoices every month.

Infinite use cases from a single solution

Biomni’s Front Office solution suite is deployed across the globe within some of the world’s leading Enterprises and Service Providers. Every IT organisation is different and as such our solution must be flexible and scalable enough to cater for a wide range of use cases, and grow with our customers’ change needs. Find out more about some common use cases detailed within the Solutions section.

tead of having to manually reconcile the invoices every month.