» Multi-tenancy

» Standardise your service offerings

» Federate traditional managed services with new Cloud-based offerings

» Extend your brand and that of your partner and customers

» Integrate and automate

» Plug and play connectors

» Empower customers to self-service

Being an IT organisation and managing the expectations of IT users is difficult at the best of times.  Being an IT Service Provider, managing multiple customers, expectations and disparate environments can be an near impossible mission.

Customers will always have varying requirements and you, as their chosen Service Provider, are trying to standardise your offerings and processes.  Even though both parties have a common objective in this ‘relationship’, at times it can feel pretty disfunctional . . .

“If you’re not planning or have not implemented self-service, start now.  The age of the empowered customer is here. Empowered customers want to be able to request, log, and solve problems on their own as well as have the option of assistance and direction by technology management, in that order. A self-service request portal is your mechanism to provide that experience.”


The Foundation And Future Of Service Catalog, 2013 And Beyond, by Courtney Bartlett of Forrester Research, May 2014

Federate your Cloud, datacenter and core services with ease.

Front Office for Service Provider is a proven self-service and automation platform that enables your business to standardise its service offerings and launch these to your customers with ease.

There is no need to spend months of development time and resource to build a service platform to launch the services that you offer, as Front Office for Service Provider is a fully supported turn-key platform, rather than a development toolkit.  This means getting to market quicker and gaining a crucial competitive edge over your competition.

Bring together different environments, legacy service offerings and vendor solutions into a single, consistent service layer and standardise your service delivery.  There is no need to change your entire service delivery processes or introduce “another tool”, simply address the problem by abstracting the customer experience and empower them to self-serve with ease.









Launch new services and grow through new revenue streams.

Cloud has changed the traditional Telco and Managed Service Provider (MSP) models with more and more services migrating into the Cloud and there are new competitors ready to serve this ‘new’ business opportunity.  Therefore Telco and MSPs are evolving to meet this surge in demand, becoming service brokers and aggregators of services and environments to help their customers on their own journeys to the Cloud.

Front Office for Service Provider is the platform to help achieve these goals, adding the ‘service wrapper’ around hybrid and cloud services and offering these alongside traditional managed services.  It will enable the vital layer of compliance and governance to the consumption of cloud and managed services, helping your business be proactive in managing customers needs.

Logically bundle service items and automate the delivery.

Self-service and automated service delivery is a “big ticket win” in its own right – but bringing together multiple work streams is where the real value is added.  Front Office for Service Provider enables an easy bundle service option and items into a single request process, drastically simplifying the consumption and delivery of the service.

This enables you to present additional, value-add services to your customer whilst they look to consume another.  For example, your customer could be self-provisioning a new VM from your Infrastructure as a Service offering and you may wish to suggest that they consider your Disaster Recovery as a Service whilst doing so; one request, one process… one happy customer.


Multi-tenancy enables easy support of multiple customer interactions via a single solution architecture and database. Service Providers can provide different views of services, customer specific workflows/governance processes, multiple languages and currencies via a single instance of Front Office Service Provider edition.

Standardise your service offerings

Standardise your service offerings, define and manage the entire service lifecycle, and publish your services to all your customers. Manage individual customer variance with ease and without the need to create and manage multiple versions of the same service; define a service once and manage the customer variance – it’s so much easier!

Federate traditional managed services with new Cloud-based offerings

Help your customers adopt new services and create new revenue streams for your business. With traditional managed service and telco revenues in decline, it’s your responsibility to diversify your service portfolio with new cloud offerings and ensure that your customers can easily consume these services via a single self-service interface.

Extend your brand and that of your partner and customers

Extend your brand and that of your partner and customers via the extreme flexibility of Front Office’s configuration and white-labeling capabilities. You can rapidly provide your customers with a fully personalised, branded and themed portal in their native language; all of which greatly assists the self-service experience for your customers.

Integrate and automate

Integrate and automate user credentials, governance/compliance process and service delivery workflow to leverage your existing investments, provide service excellence and react quicker to your customer’s needs.

Plug and play connectors

Plug and play connectors enables seamless and rapid integration with your existing and future technologies. You can download a connector from our library or go ahead and build your own. Available connectors includes private/public cloud, ITSM, orchestration, systems management, data center automation and information management.

Empower customers to self-service

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel just because you want to provide your customers with a superior service level. Front Office Service Provider edition is proven with many leading service providers and telcos, all integrating their own unique processes, systems information and people to deliver leading self-service to their customers.