» Establish your IT Service Marketplace and standardise

» Provides service transparency and interdependencies

» Utilise the service lifecycle management platform

» Move on from Excel and Word to on-line

» Upgrade when you’re ready

» Ease of use with Service Catalog templates

If the IT was a box of chocolates then the Service Catalog would be the small card inside that describes what is in the box; you know the one – it looks like almost an after thought.

At Biomni our aim is to change that perception and make that “little card” front and centre to everything we do! We don’t want surprises… We want to make well-informed decisions on what your business needs, what to expect and if applicable, what it will cost.

Assuming that you agree with the above approach and want your customers to be ‘in the know’, with Front Office Essentials it provides you with a base level, entry solution to build your own IT Marketplace. Uniquely we provide this to you 100% free and without any obligation to upgrade in the future.  It’s free… forever.








What is Front Office Essentials?

Front Office Essentials is more than 15 years of Service Catalogue, IT self-service and automation “know how” wrapped into an amazing entry-point for businesses looking for service excellence.

During 2010 we saw a definite shift in the way business customers of IT were behaving.  Apple launched the iPad and revolutionised everyone’s view of IT… IT lost it’s mystic and everyone’s expectations of their IT organisation and Service Provider changed dramatically.

“As IT moves from being a provider of technologies to a broker of services involving technology, a comprehensive Service Catalog becomes imperative for the health and future of the business.”


Master The Service Catalog Solution Landscape by Eveline Oehrlich, Courtney Bartlett Forrester Research, Inc., June 2013

Let’s take two individuals, Sandra and Frank.

Sandra works in HR and wonders why she can download “Paper Toss” on her new phone in seconds yet getting access to a shared folder takes 3 weeks!

Frank, a developer (a more tech savvy user) asked the IT department 4 weeks ago for a temporary server required for a project – and he’s still waiting for a response . . . so he’s now looking at Amazon Web Services’ with his credit card at the ready. At Biomni we found these two trends in particular grow into common issues and set about solving it.

Front Office Essentials now enables any IT organisation to plan, design and market the IT services they offer to their customers. In doing so your customers are better informed on the services available to them and they can now understand the value that IT brings to their business.  Front Office Essentials provides a common language and understanding of IT within your business and an increased awareness of the value of IT.

However, this information alone would be pretty dull, therefore we also support the federation of multiple information feeds and present those in the same consistent interface. So IT service information lives alongside KPI data, knowledge base articles and even local traffic reports – it’s your call.

Once you understand the benefits of IT services that you can offer and can articulate these to your customers, you can start to think about how they can consume services and how your business can actually deliver a service.

Establish your IT Service Marketplace and standardise

Present your service offerings clearly and concisely to designated business users and provide the essential information portal through which your value can be marketed. Make use of the intuitive service designer to embed tables, images and links to supporting information.

Service transparency and interdependencies

Manage service interdependencies with ease and transparently. The flexible service designer allows services to be published to multiple service categories and linked to other component and container services, allowing you to describe the most complex interdependency network.

Service lifecycle management

Allow IT change management teams to understand more rapidly services dependencies when planning changes and give business users a full appreciation service packaging.

Plan and launch new services throughout their entire lifecycle through to retirement.

Move on from Excel and Word to on-line

Take your existing IT Service Catalog efforts from spreadsheets, documents or custom web pages and make these come to life into a market leading Service Catalog tool. Provide a tailored and more personalised user experience through a fully white-labelled portal with your business brand.

Upgrade when you're ready

Front Office Essentials is the entry-level solution to the Front Office Solution Suite. It is of course upgradeable to other editions within the Front Office Suite, providing you with enhanced Service Catalog features. Should your requirements change – you would only pay for the enhanced features at that point (instead of paying for stuff that you don’t need or use).

Service Catalog templates

Take advantage of our extensive Service Catalog experience. Front Office Essentials comes with out-of-the-box service templates to get your Service Catalog project up and running fast.