What is Front Office?

“Where do you start, with a blank page or with Service Catalog templates?”

“What IT services do we offer to the business?”

“Who do I need to involve?”

“I get it but how do I ‘sell’ the vision internally?”

Since 2007, the term Service Catalog has grown in prominence, from being a component of ITIL V3 into a key enabler of Cloud adoption and IT governance. Concurrently the focus of the Service Catalog has also grown, an initial IT Service Management focus has exploded into pretty much every IT discipline and department today. As a software vendor that has been serving the needs of our customers in this field we have also seen a definite shift of emphasis with the projects that we are seeing…


Service Catalog-Diagram-V22

The Service Catalog is spanning across many IT initiatives

Although there is still interest in wide, Enterprise Service Catalog that covers everything from employee on-boarding to facilities, there is a far greater interest in going narrow and deep. IT needs the Service Catalog framework, governance and structure but to solve specific IT challenges, like Hybrid Cloud management or delivering ITaaS.

A successful Service Catalog relies on consistent and iterative cycles of improvement. It’s not an end result but rather a constant journey toward better service delivery. Establishing proper metrics and methods for updating your catalog, increasing automation and service orchestration, and keeping an eye on customer experience and satisfaction are essential elements to continuous Service Catalog improvement


The Foundation And Future Of Service Catalog, 2013 And Beyond – Courtney Bartlett, Forrester Research, May 2014

It's far more than just a “catalog”

Let’s face it , the term catalog is old hat. It’s a way too static a term for the challenge that it’s actually solving. In today’s dynamic world, where information is merging and decisions are based upon collaboration the Service Catalog is way more ‘proactive’ than static. That’s why we have coined the term IT Engagement Portal as it actually reflects the solution that we deliver to our customers.

Federate and aggregate

Information in isolation can be useful to a degree but bringing together multiple information sources, to enable smarter decision-making is how we drive true business value. Via easy configuration our product supports multiple external information feeds, dashboards and integration with other enterprise systems to provide your customers and business users with a single pane of glass view of enterprise IT.

Automate… everything!

In today’s ultra competitive business landscape gaining that vital ‘edge’ over your rivals is of paramount importance. Enabling your customers and business users to self-serve their IT on-demand is a surefire way of driving productivity gains and improve business responsiveness. Couple this with lightening fast, automated service delivery truly sets you apart from the rest and helps drive down the cost of IT.

Biomni is the pioneer of user-centric Service Catalog, Self-Service Portal and Request Automation Solutions. With Biomni in play, IT departments and Service Providers transform into the agile business partner that business customers demand. Biomni’s Front Office Solution is the ‘go to’ IT Marketplace for all your customers and end-users IT needs. Front Office is a code-free platform that federates physical, virtual, cloud and mobile services offerings to provide consistency and governance to the consumption of your offerings.

Workplaces are filling up with people accustomed to provisioning mobile apps and standing up cloud server environments at the click of a mouse. They expect similar quality of service from enterprise IT, and when they don’t get it, they are unhappy and, more importantly, unproductive. What they may not understand is that traditional IT spent decades standardising hardware and configurations to conform to corporate policy. The desktop PC was a given, and the fact that granting permissions could take days or weeks was just an unfortunate by-product of the way things were.

It’s very hard to move away from those assumptions – centralised control, implemented on the desktop – to accommodate a new world in which employees bring their own devices, which are usually running iOS or Android. Everyone recognises that IT has to change and adapt itself to this new reality and solving this specific challenge has become Biomni’s mantra.

End-users and customers have never been so tech-savvy and demanding. Our attitude towards IT has changed radically over the past 4 years or so; kids and grandparents alike are consuming apps, storage and cloud on a daily basis. Our aim is to bring this usability to Enterprise IT and the Service Provider.

Biomni’s Front Office V8 Solution Suite provides customers with:

  • A single intuitive interface for all service offerings
  • An absorbing UI that is akin to everyday e-commence sites and user experiences like Amazon, EBay, iTunes and Super Brand interfaces
  • Easy navigation and searching capability to view IT services from a business perspective, and role-based access
  • Order/submit service requests and the ability to track the status of outstanding requests throughout the request lifecycle, and easily understand escalations, etc.
  • Simple view, access and launch information from other systems. E.g. Self-help, knowledge base and dashboards