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Visa rolls out Computacenter NGSD IT service desk

Visa Europe has rolled out Computacenter’s Next Generation Service Desk product to it’s entire workplace of 3,400 end users, and in only three months from conception to implementation.

As any IT manager knows, helpdesks can be a huge drain on time and resources, and a tightened up strategy can be a massive ongoing advantage.

Innovating Self-Service
is part of the business technology agenda


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Front Office 8

Front Office 8 is now available following several months of intensive R&D and is already in active use with a number of early adopter customers.

Below I’ll highlight a few of the headline features but before that I’d just like to point out a few key drivers for the release.


Calculating the Effectiveness of IT Self Service

In a previous blog post, I explain how Enterprise App Stores grant the ease of access desired by employees, without resulting in loss of control for IT.

The App Store approach is however just one example of how self service is proving an effective model in the workplace and from a helpdesk perspective, this effectiveness is probably most measurable.


App Stores – the new standard for self service

As ownership of smart phones becomes common place, App Stores have become part of most peoples everyday lives.

But what defines an App? To most it represents software that is narrow in focus but often deep in functionality as opposed to broad and shallow. To many it’s still the preserve of consumer Apps on mobile devices but increasingly App Stores can be found within the enterprise and are being used for more than just mobile devices.


IT as a Service and the Cloud Rush

Recently a former colleague contacted me through LinkedIn and I started to reflect on the time we worked together.  These memories inspired me to draw some parallels from that time in the history of technology to the way things are in 2013.

Today there is a rush that is similar to the heady days of the eProcurement/eCommerce and other phenomena.  Back then, many solutions came bounding forward to claim that, if new frontiers were to be conquered, using their solution was the only way to do it! Many solid solutions that were around at that time are still in use today, whilst a lot of the newcomers failed. Some in spectacular style! Of course there were some more mature solutions that did go by the way side.  But, with a bit of forethought and the sensible use of new technology at the appropriate time, investments were maximized and businesses moved forward.


Self service ITSM made easy

For IT, enabling self-service has far reaching benefits, including greater customer satisfaction and improved fulfillment efficiency stemming from well formed and approved business requests entering standard automated processes.

Implementing an effective ITSM self-service solution in your organization need not be overly complicated nor expensive. Stick to these key principles and you can both deliver results fast whilst providing a platform for on-going improvements.