Solutions for Veritas

» Provides self-service Backup and restore services

» Utilise multi-tenant NetBackup environments

» Launch backup as a Service

» Integrate NetBackup

» Automate Backup and restore processes

» Manage on-demand reporting and access to information

» Ability to implement role-based access

Whether offering backup or recovery services to external customers or to your own users internally through an IT service model, Veritas and Biomni have the tools to get you there. Our partnership offers an integrated solution that couples Veritas’s industry leading NetBackup solution with Biomni’s Front Office. The net result is Backup as a Service (BaaS) with a Multi-tenanted Backup and Recovery solution where customers and end-users can self-serve their Backup requirements, on-demand.

Build your service on the NetBackup platform with NetBackup Appliances to achieve rapid deployment and time-to-value. Take advantage of self-service restore, capacity license metering, chargeback reporting, multi-tenant 3rd party integration with Biomni, and special MSP pricing features to flesh out a backup service offering. For disaster recovery, combine NetBackup Auto Image Replication (AIR) with P2V Conversion to offer Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) within a cloud based on VMware.






Data protection is vital for business success but equally a huge overhead for the IT department or IT Service Provider. The business can rest assured that a hardware/network outage or user error will not result in the loss of their important data however the process of actual file retrieval can often be disparate, and time and labor intensive. Customers (and end-users) are very reliant on their Service Provider and administrators to action a restore and, with Service Providers handling huge volumes of such requests, the turn around can be days if not weeks. This process leads to significant business latency, meaning that the business cannot function in a ‘business as usual’ state and has a negative impact on business productivity.

Also Cloud and Virtualisation has revolutionised the consumption of IT services. A customer can raise an order and then have access to new servers, applications and IT services within a few minutes. IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) has brought huge productivity gains to customers and they soon forget those dark days when it took weeks (or even months) to gain access to a new server.

However there has been some inevitable trade-offs. For all the positives, like the IT agility, speed to market gains and flexibility; there are of course negatives. The primary compromise of having ‘off-site’ virtual assets is that you cannot ‘wrap’ your Cloud/Virtualised IT Services with traditional enhancements or value-adds; you need a new approach. Protection of Private Cloud and Virtual environments is not optional, your customers are demanding that you, as the chosen Service Provider, must provide them with a suitable Backup and Recovery solution for their vital IaaS and Private Clouds.

“Front Office for Veritas integrates with a variety of fulfillment tools and software solutions from a number of vendors. Additionally, they have a strong integration point to Symantec, demonstrated in their Front Office for Veritas version of their IT Service Catalog product.”

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Gartner’s IT Service Catalog Critical Capabilitites resport – Jeff Brooks, Gartner

About Veritas

Veritas enables organizations to harness the power of their information, with solutions designed to serve the world’s largest and most complex heterogeneous environments.

Get industry-leading solutions that cover all platforms with backup and recovery, business continuity, software-defined storage, and information governance.

More information is available at or by connecting with Veritas at

With Front Office for NetBackup, a Service Provider can:

  • Deliver business user satisfaction with on-demand file access, no waiting for IT to deliver file restore needs
  • Ensure instantaneous file restoration services 24/7/365
  • Free IT resources for other mission critical initiatives
  • Save costs as business users are self-serving their needs with fully automated, zero touch, fulfillment delivery
  • Reduce technical support/tickets significantly

Self-service backup and restore services

Can be initiated by end customers themselves, or by more generalist IT staff via a dedicated portal experience. Users do not need to have any technical knowledge of NetBackup or associated consoles as we abstract the user experience away from these technical tools into a ‘business ready’ portal.

Multi-tenant NetBackup environments

Support a shared service model, maximise and leverage your investment, reduce complexity and achieve fast return of investment.

Launch Backup as a Service

Via the proven stability of Veritas’s NetBackup platform and Biomni’s agile IT as a Service layer.

Integrate NetBackup

With other platforms, systems and processes to deliver bundled services and increased revenues from your customers. Biomni’s rich integration and partner strategy make service aggregation simple and rapid. E.g. enable your customers to self-provision cloud infrastructure and protection it within the same process. Embed Backup as a Service forms and processes directly into your existing portals too, so you have fast time to value with minimal coding. All supported as a product.

Automate backup and restore processes

Enable your IT administrators to focus on other higher priorities rather than fulfilling repeatable manual tasks. Equally automation will provide end-user with quicker access to services and make them more productive and contribute more to the overall business.

On-demand reporting and access to information

Empowers your customers to understand their backup data consumption, identify anomalies, potential threats and charging data. Front Office for NetBackup integrates with Veritas OpsCenter and many other leading reporting tools to help deliver IT as a Service.

Role-based access

Support user authentication via multiple Active Directory/LDAP connections helps integrate your Backup and Recovery services into wider initiatives and smarter delegation of tasks.