Solutions for ITSM

» Take customer interactions to a new level

» Be able to socialise and federate

» Easy integration and automation with HP, BMC, VMware, ServiceNow and Veritas software


There has never been so much choice for Enterprises when it comes to selecting a ITSM vendor solution. Customer loyalty to the Service Desk vendor has never been so low, according to recent Forrester research (Market Overview: IT Service Management SaaS Tools Update, 2014), 23% of respondents of a recent survey indicated that they are planning to switch their service desk solution to another vendor within the next two years.

So change is on the increase and, with SaaS ITSM deployments now overtaking on-premise, there’s no reason why this cycle of change won’t continue. Enterprise IT can be as selective as they wish, consistently reviewing the market against their changing needs and switching to the vendor who meets they goals at that period of time.

Change is good for some and can have a negative effect on others. IT administrators are highly skilled technicians who can adopt change quickly, reskill where required and continue to deliver value in the job function and contribute to the business. However the same cannot be said about a non-IT business user, a consumer of Enterprise IT… their focus elsewhere; sales, marketing, accounts payable, HR, etc. They need simple and easy access to Enterprise IT to help them fulfil their job roles and to be more productive. They demand consistency and a user experience that they can relate to, like eBay or Google Play.

Therefore it can be difficult to cater to both audiences, the regular change within Enterprise IT and need for consistence within the business. Biomni’s Front Office is proven to solve this very common challenge.

Take customer interactions to new levels

Biomni, a recognised innovator in End-User-Centric Enterprise Service Catalogue and Request Fulfillment solutions, provides you with a viable alternative to the ITSM suite self-service and Service Catalog solutions. Front Office Enterprise is suited to use cases where customer experience, rapid deployment and ease of configuration are of paramount importance.

With out of the box connectors to many leading ITSM platforms, Front Office can easily integrate with a your current or multiple service desks and also your future technologies of choice.








Socialise and federate

Integrating with Front Office goes well beyond raising a ticket with your service desk tool; it’s all about providing relevant information to relevant users. Today’s modern service management organisations must address customer expectations such as the ability to connect and collaborate with colleagues, across support teams and extended support channels such as dynamically created chats and knowledge articles and additional modern collaboration methods.

  • Social media helps business users to connect quicker with support and collaborate with peers to be more productive.

Twitter, Yammer, Chat are all common use cases and readily available.

  • External information feeds can be integrated and displayed within Front Office to provide business users with information that can either help them gain support quicker or simply keep them well informed.

KPI data, chargeback, corporate news, CNN, weather, the options are endless.

  • Self-help and access to knowledge base articles, FAQ’s and communities takes the stress away from the service desk and empowers the business user to faster remedies and increased satisfaction.
  • Service lifecycle management allows service management teams to understand more rapidly services dependencies when planning changes and give business users a full appreciation service packaging. Plan and launch new services throughout their entire lifecycle through to retirement.
  • Integrate ‘back office’ tools and information and present this in a ‘business friendly’ format to aid service delivery and automation.

There’s extremely powerful information that lives in systems that never get exposed to the business. CMDB’s are full of assets that can be recycled for wider corporate redeployment, HR and finance systems are equally powerful. Bring this into your business process via pre-built connectors and accelerate ROI and drive down the cost of IT.

“The two points I wanted to bring out were the speed and ease of implementation. It appears, from anecdotal evidence, that most firms initially are concerned about the complexity of self-service ITSM implementations. Biomni’s Front Office provides a foundation which can be built out as your organisation matures. It provides templates and a knowledge base, which gives an organisation a reasonable starting point from which to build.”


Consumerisation of IT & the IT Service DeskAlea Fairchild, Constellation Research

Integrate and automate

Plug and play connectors enables seamless and rapid integration with your existing and future technologies. You can download a connector from our library or go ahead and build your own. Available connectors include private/public cloud, ITSM, orchestration, systems management, data center automation and information management.  Below is a selection of our downloadable connectors:


Integrate Front Office to your ServiceNow platform and empower business users to interoperate with Enterprise IT through our proven employee self-service portal. Capture service requests and link these to existing runtime automation processes within ServiceNow.










BMC software:

We have a number of connectors for BMC software including ITSM, automation, datacentre and cloud lifecycle management. Whether you wish to raise a ticket in BMC ITSM or automate an entire cloud, Front Office for provide a consistent business user experience storefront and associated process.


Biomni are a Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) of VMWare. Front Office enables our customer to orchestrate provisioning of software-defined datacentre  services with speed and ease, support vSphere, vCAC, vCloud and now vCloud Hybrid Service.


Biomni have integrated Front Office with IT Management Suite (Altiris) and are an accredited Veritas Technology Partner. Through Front Office for Veritas™, customers of Veritas’s rich and diverse IT management tools can deploy a best of breed, fully integrated, front office solution able to meet their wide ranging Service Catalogue needs. We also have productised integration with Veritas’s NetBackup to enable rapid deliver of Backup and Recovery as a Service