Solutions for IT Self Service

» Federate Cloud, virtual, data center and traditional services

» Aggregate information and other key data into your portal

» Focus on key challenges or bottlenecks first

» Automate service delivery and save time and money

» Delight IT users and increase customer satisfaction

Cloud, Mobility, BYOD, and an ever increasing diverse and complex ecosystem of devices and apps require a rethink for Enterprise IT leaders responsible for delivering technology to workers. This involves supporting new delivery models and technologies that supports not only today’s workforce but that of tomorrow.

As part of any major IT shift, Enterprise IT must evaluate whether their current systems, IT organisational structure and IT personnel skill sets are ready for the change.

In a world with ever-increasing technology diversity, it’s not realistic for a company to support every single device, OS, and application comprehensively. Meaningful categories of information and insight, efficient search mechanisms, and an accessible self-service portal can help your workforce get assistance more efficiently and on their own terms. We all want our business customers to be as productive as possible and by providing IT on-demand we can support them more effectively and efficiently.

The IT self-service portal will provide IT users with lightening quick access to IT and rapid service delivery. When done right, the portal also becomes an Engagement Platform between Enterprise IT and the business, providing a user-friendly vehicle of change. IT users can:

  • ask questions about specific services or apps
  • search self-help and knowledge to solve issues quicker and upskill at the same time
  • provide valuable feedback and ratings back to Enterprise IT; in doing so, they provide you with a feedback loop to better refine your service offerings
  • socialise apps, services and information with peers through social networking integration to drive a working community ethic within your enterprise

We all know how easy self-service should be from our home lives, buy books from Amazon or songs from iTunes, they only need a single click – but to access the IT they need to do their job, they have to interrupt their working day with calls that always seem to take longer than they should.

“The rise of self-service technologies, driven by empowered employees, provides new opportunities for technology management to improve business responsiveness by enabling greater autonomy; it should be the core of your Service Catalog strategy. This is because self-service capabilities take stress off the help desk by reducing tickets (and therefore costs), improve employee productivity, and give technology management greater visibility into the demand for certain services.”


The Foundation And Future Of Service Catalog, 2013 And Beyond – Courtney Bartlett of Forrester Research, May 2014

Biomni’s Front Office makes requesting IT services as easy as eBay or Google Play. Whether it’s for workplace-related services such as access to applications, or data centre-related services such as virtual server creation or cloud services subscriptions, Biomni provides an intuitive, flexible portal to help meet your goals.

Federate Cloud, virtual, data centre and traditional services

Business customers and IT users are not driven by technology in the same way as Enterprise IT are, they consume IT to help them achieve their own objectives rather than worry about whether the corporate app they need is in the cloud or deployment into their laptop. Biomni’s Front Office enables IT to seamlessly federate IT services, regardless of it’s origin, and provide consistency to the business. IT services can in fact be bundled together into logical groups to make it even easier for IT users to gain rapid access to the services they require.

Aggregate information and other key data into your portal

External information feeds can be integrated and displayed within Front Office to provide business users with information that can either help them gain support quicker or simply keep them well informed. Be it KPI data, chargeback, corporate news, CNN, weather, the options are endless.

Focus on key challenges or bottlenecks first

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to reap the rewards of effective IT self-service, kick off with a specific IT challenge or bottleneck and build from there. Biomni’s Front Office is extremely easy to configure and integrate with other technologies so introducing new services is not a huge project or piece of consultancy work – it’s your portal and your business. We enable you to drive self-service at your own pace.

Automate service delivery and save time and money

Once you have captured your IT users’ demands through the self-service portal, and you understand what service(s) need to be delivered, automate repeatable tasks and accelerate your entire service request fulfillment process. Leverage our library of connecters, or build your own, and visually design your service delivery workflow with ease. Equally integrate your other ‘back office’ systems into your self-service portal and benefit from reduced inventory and resource planning costs through improved forecasting of demand.

Delight IT users and increase customer satisfaction

Improve user satisfaction with IT through greater transparency and better expectation management, and the speed of IT service delivery. Your IT users will no longer is waiting for IT, they’ll be experiencing the benefits of IT quick and getting on with their job functions. Also your IT users can rate, review and socialise their experience of Enterprise IT which provides great feedback to peers and continuous measurement back to IT.

Service Catalog-Diagram-V22