Solutions for Enterprise App Store 

» Federate multiple software vendor platforms

» Ability to rate, review and socialise

» 2-Click access

» Provides sync multiple software catalogs

» Selectively publish software

» Add the vital layer of governance

» Support of multiple software delivery methods

The business application landscape has become a hybrid one.  Some 24% of enterprises have already implemented or plan to implement closely integrated business processes that run partly on-premises and partly in the cloud.  Clearly, that hybrid scenario represents a major challenge for traditional — i.e. on-premise — integration tools.

Over the past 15 years, CIOs have built the required skills, acquired the necessary number of software licenses and adopted best practices for traditional application and data integration tools.








Now bring mobility in play and the story is getting really complex from an IT perspective, where IT organisations are now exploring efficient ways to connect SaaS, deployed, streamed/virtualised and mobile apps.  Rarely has this can be achieved via a single vendor platform so, from a business user perspective, gaining access to new corporate applications can be a challenge in its own right.

With smartphones and app stores common place outside of the enterprise, users feel empowered to make their own application sourcing decisions.  The consumerisation of IT is an overused term, but it’s an accurate description of what’s happening to enterprise applications where today end users have a much bigger say in what they use.  They are comfortable matching their own requirements against available solutions, packaged for easy consumption.

“Service Catalogs are fueled by business needs, and one of those needs is the left-shifting of business functions, or identifying where issues are resolved in the tiered support model (e.g. who does what), and then targeting those repetitive and reoccurring issues with resolution methods closer to the customer. A great way to achieve this is via self-service, a topic that is top of mind for many of our clients; it was our most popular Service Catalog inquiry subject for 2013.”


The Foundation And Future Of Service Catalog, 2013 And Beyond – Courtney Bartlett of Forrester Research, May 2014

IT organisations are struggling to manage this demand and are less able to enforce a top-down, one size fits all approach to enterprise application provisioning.  Coupled with being reliant on multiple vendors and platforms to deliver apps to users the end-user experience to consuming apps can be disparate, disjointed, inconsistent and cumbersome.

Biomni’s Front Office Solution Suite is ideal to help with this common problem with it’s in-built Enterprise Appstore features:

Auto import software catalogs from leading software asset management and delivery platforms (inc. Microsoft SCCM, Symantec, Citrix)

  • Segment software titles to predetermined groups (inc. Active Directory and LDAP)
  • Compliance, governance and approval to software request process
  • Integrate software licence harvesting/reuse policies with ease
  • Orchestrate and automate software delivery via your existing (or chosen) platform(s)
  • Integrate to common software delivery tools including Microsoft App-V and Symantec Workspace Streaming with free adapters, templates and wizards

Source: Forrester report “How Many Cloud Integration Technologies Do You Need?” Nov 2013

Federate multiple software vendor platforms

Federate multiple software vendor platforms into a single, consistent Enterprise App Store. Each user has just one set of credentials to remember to gain access to any corporate application, regardless of how it is delivered or by which vendor – business users want ease of access and use, and don’t care about the who’s and how’s.

Rate, review and socialise

Rate, review and socialise your apps, build intelligence within your Enterprise App Store and cognise trend data and successes (and failures) of software launches to help you understand your unique business demands.

2-Click access

2-Click access to software apps and corporate applications makes the usability on par with consume app store solutions.

Sync multiple software catalogs

Sync multiple software catalogs and rapidly configure actions and workflow via the intuitive non-technical point-and-click interface.

Selectively publish software

Selectively publish software apps to entitled users and groups. Leverage existing Active Directory groups to simplify entitlements and maintain corporate standards.

Add the vital layer of governance

Add the vital layer of governance and compliance to the consumption of apps with business approval and technical validation workflow. Leverage Front Office’s ITIL V3 capabilities to add a ‘lite framework’ to your software requesting processes.

Support of multiple software delivery methods

Support of multiple software delivery methods and vendor technologies including streamed, deployed, cloud and web-based applications. Plug and play connectors enables seamless and rapid integration with your existing and future technologies.You can build your own or available connectors include: Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft SCCM,  Microsoft App-V, Veritas ITMS,  Veritas Workspace Streaming