Front Office for Symantec™

Front Office for Symantec™

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Front Office for Symantec™ (NetBackup)

Whether offering backup or recovery services to external customers or to your own users internally through an IT service model, Symantec Corp. and Biomni have the tools to get you there. Our partnership offers an integrated solution that couples Symantec’s industry leading NetBackup solution with Biomni’s Front Office. The net result is Backup as a Service (BaaS) with a Multi-tenanted Backup and Recovery solution where customers and end-users can self-serve their Backup requirements, on-demand.

Build your service on the NetBackup platform with NetBackup Appliances to achieve rapid deployment and time-to-value. Take advantage of self-service restore, capacity license metering, chargeback reporting, multi-tenant 3rd party integration with Biomni, and special MSP pricing features to flesh out a backup service offering. For disaster recovery, combine NetBackup Auto Image Replication (AIR) with P2V Conversion to offer Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) within a cloud based on VMware.


Front Office for Symantec™ (End Point Management)

For a Service Catalog implementation to be most effective it must ideally be integrated to other service management tools such as the Configuration Management System (CMS/CMDB) and the Service Desk.

Front Office for Symantec™ delivers such an integrated solution with the Symantec™ IT Management Suite, to provide a highly extensible Service Catalog and Request Management solution. The solution is available via the Symantec Installation Manager as a free trial with a number of example processes.

In an era where IT Self Service is more important than ever, the release of Biomni Front Office provides tangible value for our joint customers enabling IT self-service and request management process. Mark Magee, Senior Director, Product Management at Symantec.

Make the most of what you have with CMDB integration

Request form fields can be configured to dynamically look up and link to configuration items in the Symantec CMDB. Multiple fields can be configured via the Front Office forms designer, each carrying their own filter criteria e.g. all items of type computer with a status of ‘in stock’. These fields take advantage of the flexible CMDB web service adaptor under the hood.

Example uses include reducing the number of computer purchases when recycled hardware is available, or allowing the target computer for an automated software delivery to be identified.

Self Service Portal to Workspace Streaming

Front Office for Symantec now integrates seamlessly with Symantec Workspace Streaming (SWS). Users can view all packages available, request titles for rapid automated provisioning, view which applications they already have access to and launch them directly from Front Office.

Multi-tenant Backup as a Service

Front Office provides a multi-tenant self-service portal for the backup and restoration of VMware environments in the cloud. With integration to NetBackup and VMware, Front Office allows users to intuitively browse their vCloud/vCenter infrastructure, view what’s already under protection, add protection, and flexibly restore backups.

Control software requests with software contract integration

Varying the approval routing for software requests dependent on the software type and/or number of unused licenses helps ensure license compliance is maintained.

Costly and time consuming software audits and license harvests are only part of the answer when ensuring an affective software asset management policy. Maintaining control of who gains access to what software and for how long is equally important and helps ensure compliance is maintained beyond any harvesting activity. Additionally, information on how the software is to be used can ensure the most cost effective option is provided (e.g. MS Project reader in place of the full version). Information can also be captured that seeds future reclaim processes (e.g. what specific job the software’s required for and for how long).

Reduce costs and wait times with automated fulfillment workflow

The Symantec Workflow Solution provides an intuitive graphical design environment within which business processes can be built, tested and deployed. It allows coordination of both human and system resources across the full IT Management suite, as well as re-usable integrated components for a wide set of 3rd party solutions and technologies.

Any workflow process can be configured to start from a Front Office request and have progress tracked and reported on in the Front Office. Workflow can also be configured to link into the Front Office SLA engine, allowing any part of the process to be measured against pre-agreed execution timings.

Even the most disparate set of activities involved in such requests as employee on-board can be orchestrated within a single process involving minimal human touch. Existing IT investments can be leveraged with reusable integration components and the full IT Management suite is on hand via pre-packaged workflow components. Activities such as automated software delivery, Active Directory account creation, and Service Desk ticket creation are all readily at hand.

Service, request and Workflow templates

Authoring new content is far more challenging than editing existing examples. The Front Office solution comes with out of the box content that ensures rapid deployment.  Sample services include…