Welcome to Biomni

Words from the CEO

gusWhilst as an organization we have been around for a number of years (since 1999 and 10 years prior to that in a different guise) we pride ourselves on having a fresh and young outlook. We have managed to blend years of experience with youthful exuberance! Our solution has been developed by our staff over these years with an attention to quality that master craftsman aspire to. Our staff are our main asset with a very high retention period due to the environment they are given to work in. Being an agile development organization we have flexible working practices, which enables us to recruit and retain from a wide resource pool that is not limited by country borders and time zones. With our core office in central London we ensure team building is of the highest quality.

At the heart of Biomni is the constant desire to exceed our customers’ objectives through collaboration and shared vision. Biomni has developed skills and resources to ensure that we partner with organisations that benefit the customer. These maybe technology led relationships, implementation partners or global sales channels where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Having years of experience with these partnerships has led to a high degree of understanding on what the issues are for our customers and partners.

We have the flexibility along with the strong agile capabilities to quickly adapt to our customers, partners and market requirements enabling us to always be innovative and provide a long term view.

Angus Gregory, CEO


Biomni’s value

Biomni enables Enterprises, service providers, telcos and distributors to get to market quickly and cost-effectively and deliver a wide array of IT services. Wherever you are on your journey to the cloud, Front Office can provide a ‘service wrap’ to your core offerings and help you deliver IT as a Service.

With Biomni’s Front Office in play, Enterprise IT and Service providers transform into the agile business partner that business customers demand. Biomni’s Front Office solution is the ‘go to’ IT Marketplace for all your customers and end-users IT needs. Front Office is a code-free platform that federates physical, virtual, cloud and mobile services offerings to provide consistency and governance to the consumption of your offerings.





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